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Among Us Bath Bombs

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Among us bath bombs that are made with natural ingredients and fragrance oils, including fractionated coconut oil to moisturize skin and also Vitamin E oil to repair skin. They come in a variety of six different colors and scents. These are a perfect way to make bath time fun and also a great gift to add to an Easter basket this year.

Blue- Candy Concoction
Purple- Monkey Farts
Light Pink- Blue Cotton Candy
Dark Pink- Macaroon
Orange- Salted Caramel
Yellow- Lemon Crème

Polysorbate-80 is used in this produce. This is a common fragrance and essential oil solubilizer as well as an emulsifying agent. It is soluble in water and alcohol and insoluble in oils. This product can be found in many other products like, body washes, hair shampoos, hair loss treatments, lotions, creams, and bath oils.