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Beast Blender + Hydration System | Blend Smoothies and Shakes, Infuse Water, Kitchen Countertop Design, 1000W

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  • BEST-IN-CLASS Beast Blender + Hydration System allows you to make perfect silky smooth blends and infused water
  • METICULOUSLY DESIGNED - We considered how each component could be improved to increase longevity and reduce vibrations and noise--that’s why our blade assembly mounts precisely to the base like a camera lens to a camera body
  • A BLADE WITH A BRAIN - The Blender monitors its blade speed, and makes consistent adjustments to maintain consistent speed and torque. It also monitors internal temperature to avoid overheating and blending of hot liquids. Best part? The blade cycles through a 1 minute perfectly-timed blend so all you have to do is push the button
  • GLASS WATER BOTTLE TO INFUSE WITH EASE - Removable stainless steel Infusion Chamber with food-safe silicone Chamber Mount
  • TAKE YOUR BLENDS AND INFUSIONS TO GO - simply screw on the Drinking Lid + Carry Cap to any of our Blending Vessels and/or Hydration Vessel to take them wherever your day takes you


Product Description

Innovative 12-Rib vessel design for increased turbulence and blending efficiency.

Is 'overbuilt' a good word?

When there's a blade spinning at 18,000 RPM, we certainly think so.

It's ok, you can stare.

          Beast 500mL Blending Vessel Beast Cleaning Brush
Watts 1000W 1000W        
Voltage 120v AC 120v AC        
Blends Ice and Frozen Ingredients   When used with Beast Blender When used with Beast Blender  
Includes Blender        
Includes Hydration System        
Vessels Included 1000mL + 500mL Tritan Blending Vessel 1000mL Tritan Blending Vessel 750mL Borosilicate Glass 800mL Tritan Blending Vessel 500mL Tritan Blending Vessel  
Dishwasher Safe All components top rack dishwasher safe except for blender base and blade assembly. All components top rack dishwasher safe except for blender base and blade assembly. Yes - Top Rack Only Yes - Top Rack Only Yes - Top Rack Only