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Exultant Dynamics

Exultant Dynamics - Fruit Hammock

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  • Cotton Rope
  • COTTON FRUIT HAMMOCK – 100% cotton material, unravel-proof, small hanging hammock. It is easy to install, has a long-life and can easily store 10-12 fruits.
  • SAVE SPACE, ADD LIFE TO DÉCOR – We understand how important every inch of kitchen space is. This hanging fruit and vegetable storage will free up you counter or shelf space. Plus, it will make the kitchen look neat and organized.
  • STURDY & VERSATILE – You can use our cotton fruit hammock in your home, on a boat or RV. It can easily be hanged under kitchen cabinets or on cabinet handles – yes, it is that easy. A premium quality product, it comes with 4 screw-in hangers.
  • INCREASE LIFE OF FRUITS & VEGGIES – Did you know hanging your fruits and vegetables increases their shelf life? With even air circulation, it helps ripen them equally at all spots. It easily adds up 2 more days of life to these edibles, keeping them fresh for longer.
  • REUSABLE DRAWSTRING BAG – The cotton hammock, 1 solid wood rod and 4 screw-in hooks come packed in a reusable drawstring bag. We are sure you will love the product and gift it to your friends and family as well. Try it now!