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Fireproof Document Bags

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  • 1 .🔥2 packs of fireproof document bags, which can meet different needs: 13.5 inches X 10.25 inches & 9 inches X 7 inches, which can store some of your valuables, such as contract certificates, passports, permits, marriage certificates, money, letters, important Documents, lithium batteries, digital products, etc. Important items and documents should be kept away from fire. 
  • 2. 🔥Fireproof and waterproof: The outer layer of this fireproof document bag is made of upgraded silicone coated fiberglass fabric, and the inner layer is aluminum foil fiberglass, which can withstand ultra-high temperature and open flames and protect important documents from fire. This kind of fire safety bag is more fire-resistant and can be waterproof if wet for any reason.
  • 3.🔥Large size can hold A4 documents, small fireproof safety bag, easy to grab and use, fireproof document bag can protect valuables from natural disasters
  • 4.🔥Note: This bag can be rainproof, but it cannot be immersed in water