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Haniel Lux Socialite Cologne for Men

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  • 【REAL HUMAN PHEROMONE】Haniel consists of reconstituted Androstenedione human pheromones. The most powerful men's pheromone.
  • 【EFFECTIVE】Phermones work similar to hormones, but in an aromatic way, which is perfect for cologne and perfume products. 
  • 【LASTS FOR 24 HOURS】Haniel Pheromone Cologne contains ylang and musk and amber (the strongest ).
  • 【DISTINCTIVE】15X times bigger concentration, One of the best fragrances for men in the world, which you should definitely try it, moisturizing mixture to increase the absorption of pheromones.
  • 【HANIEL LUX SOCIALITE】The hottest new brand in men's fragrance. Buy now for a great deal, if you're not completely satisfied, then contact us and we will respond as soon as possible and we strive to offer the 100% satisfaction for all our customers. Lux Socialite Cologne For Men