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Storagebud Fridge Organizer - 14 Piece Acrylic Bins

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  • 14-PIECE FRIDGE ORGANIZER SET: Includes 2 wide bins, 2 narrow bins, 1 soda can organizer - holds 10 cans, 1 egg holder container with lid - holds 14 eggs, and 2 ice cube trays. Bonus accessories include 4 shelf liners, white board, and marker.
  • DURABLE & SHATTERPROOF: Universal fit storage bins are freezer safe and strong enough to withstand heavy use. Featuring cutout handles for easy pull-out and transport. Perfect as refrigerator storage bins, freezer organizer bins, or pantry organizer bins with easy view and access.
  • STACKABLE ORGANIZER BINS: Rotate 180° to stack bins. Wide refrigerator organizer bins hold fruits and vegetables, large beverage bottles, or meal prep containers. Narrow fridge bins are perfect for kids’ snacks, condiments, juice boxes, or yogurt.
  • DIMENSIONS: Wide Bins: 14.5” L x 8.5” W x 4” H. Narrow Bins: 14.75” L x 4.25” W x 4” H. Soda Can Organizer: 13.25” L x 5.5” W x 4” H. Egg Holder: 14.5” L x 4.37” W x 3.12” H. Ice Trays: 9.9” L x 3.9” W x 1.1” H. Hand wash only with warm water and soap - not dishwasher safe.